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Born:July 13, 1989
Crookston MN
Died:October 1, 2003
Minneapolis MN

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Dustin was born July 13, 1989. in Crooksten MN He is the youngest child.  He has 2 brothers and 1 sister, and 1 half brother.  He attended school at Dilworth, Glyndon, Felton Jr. High.  in Dilworth MN.  He was in the 8th grade.  In school he wrestled and played football.  He was the comedian in the family always making us laugh.  When he would make me mad he would look at me with his big dark brown eyes and say sorry.  He was such a caring, loving, kind hearted, outgoing, funny, special boy.   He was the tattler of the family.   He was active and mischievous.  He always thought about everyone else's feelings.  He had a speech problem and learned sign language.  It didn't matter to him that people could not understand him.  He would always try out for solos in his school programs.  He did not let anything stop him if he wanted to do something.  He got into his fair share of trouble.  One of his teachers called one day to see why he was not in school and he was the only one home, it was just before he got sick.  She called 6 times and he hung up on her everytime.  It was funny but I did tell him it was not nice.  Last January his sister Jodi started dating Russ, he is a friend of my son Cody.  One day he told Russ, since you are dating my sister, you should buy her a truck like yours you are rich.  She was so embarrased.  Now she thinks of that all the time.   

In April 25, 2003, Dustin came home and told me he needed to go to the Doctor because his eyes hurt. I told him he would be fine he was just tired. He finally said "mom if I go blind I am going to be mad at you" Finally I said we would take him to the Doctor. When there was nothing wrong with him I was going to laugh at him. He ended staying in the hospital by where we live for the weekend. On Monday evening they let him out. He got sicker that night. Tuesday April 29th, his doctor sent him to Minneapolis, Minnesota Hospital. They told me he would be there through the weekend. Two weeks to the day that he got there he had a liver transplant that was on May 13, 2003. He went into liver failure, from a virus. They have never identified the virus he had. He went into mild rejection 8 days after he had his transplant. On May 27th he got to get out of the hospital, We had to stay in Minneapolis for 2 weeks. I did bring him home for the weekend. He went to the races and spent time with his siblings and his sisters boyfriend. Now I am so glad we did come home. That was the last time he ever came home. We went back to Minneapolis on June 1st. June 2nd he was put back in the hospital. June 3rd the Hematology Dr. came and and talked to me about his white count. She said it was from his anti-rejection meds. I asked if it was APlastic Anemia she said she didn't think so. June 4th he spiked a fever, the dr. came back in and said now they had to do a bone marrow biopsy. June 5th they did a bone marrow biopsy. June 6th I was told he had aplastic Anemia. Started getting him ready for a Bone Marrow Transplant. His siblings were not a match. He started rejecting his liver. July 28th he went into respiratory failure and was in the picu for 3 weeks. He got out of the picu on August 16th. September 5th he went back to the picu. He went into kidney failure. He was put on the ventilator again. He stayed in the Picu until he became and angel at 6:32pm on Octotber 1, 2003. in Minneapolis MN we had his funeral on October 7, 2003 on his moms 37th birthday. When he passed away he needed 3 transplants - liver, kidney and bone marrow. All of his organs started shutting down.
He is so missed by everyone, Mom, Cody, Jodi, Warren, LeRoy, Dad, Russ, Baby Dustin.

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