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Born:June 1, 1986
Memphis, Tennessee
Died:July 17, 2003
Hollywood, Florida

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My dog Shaina was the most wonderful pet any owner could have asked for. She was the sweetest most gentle dog who, even in her older years, was a joy to be with. She loved to eat and ate as well, if not better, than the humans she was around. One of her favorite foods was Kentucky Fried Chicken. There were many nights she would ride in the car with me with her head stuck out the window as we went through the drivethru window waiting patiently for her chicken leg. The workers at KFC got to know us pretty well and once in awhile threw in an extra chicken leg for her. 

Shaina started losing her vision around 1997 and lost it completely around 1999. There was no way to correct it because her retinas were degenerating. Even with the vision loss, she managed to keep her head close to the ground and get around just fine.

Shaina spent most of her nights near me. Whether it was sitting on my lap while I was on the computer, or laying on a pillow next to me in bed, she never was too far from my side. She knew she was loved and protected and she returned those feelings many times over. I remember once when she was about six years old, my brother came into my room and was playing around with me. He pretended like he was attacking me. That was the only time I ever heard her growl or get upset. One time in seventeen years. She was just as protective of me as I was of her.

It was difficult to watch her get old. I tried to make her as comfortable as possible and in her final years, her most comfortable spot was laying on my dirty laundry on the floor. (Not too nice when guests came over but I didn't care.) She loved it and that was all that mattered. Even in her old age when I would come home after a long day of work, she would be sitting at the door waiting for me. She rarely had an accident in the house and would wait until I got home so she could be taken outside to go to the bathroom. Sometimes when I would come home from work (as old and as weak as she was) if I layed down on the laundry with her, I would see a slight wag of her tail. She was happy I was there with her.

My little white chubby dog meant the world to me. Now she's gone. She died at seventeen years old. Some say it was a full life but it wasn't long enough for me. If there is a doggy heaven, Shaina without a doubt is there.
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Bye Shainey. I miss you.
Added by Stacey

You've touched many lives. We will miss you very much!
Added by Wendy & Maui

Baby Shaina, You were my first friend who put up with all my puppy anticts and taught me to walk on a leash. Lynda and I will miss your OCD, sprint after potty and cute butt. May you spend eternity playing with Buffy,Bonney and Kimbo!

Added by Bella & Lynda

We really miss you! You were a wonderful doggie to everyone that knew you. We have so many wonderful fond memories of you...playing with Foster in the backyard, your oxygen treatments, taking you for walks in your stroller(even to the flower shop), how you wiped your mustache when Stacey pulled your tail, and your favorite nap spot on the laundry pile near the bathroom....You were the best!!!

Added by Traci, Drew, and Foster

I feel your loss and my sympathy is with you. I recently lost my beloved boy Charlie Miceli.
Added by Donna
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