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Born:February 16, 1945
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Died:November 18, 2004
Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Jim was a hard worker who loved his children and grandchildren.  He served his country as a marine in Viet Nam.  He will be missed by many.
4 out of 5 Vaile boys.jpg
four out of five Vaile boys
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Dad and his parents.jpg
Jim and his parents
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dad and cedric.jpg
Cedric and Grandpa Jim August 2003
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Personal Notes

Jim was the one in the Vaile family closest in age to me. One of my "big" brothers, I wanted to tag along whereever he went. I wish I had more pictures and things to remember Jim by, but I have a lot of pleasant memories. Like all my siblings, Jim always seemed to show up whenever I needed help. There were countless times he got me out of "jams". I remember him as a very strong willed and good-hearted person. Even though I haven't had much contact with him in the last years, I miss him.
Added by Harry

My Father was a great man who touched everyone he met. He loved his family even though we didn't all see eye to eye. My Dad was my best friend and I am lost without him. I look forward to the day I can see him again. I love you daddy!
Added by Jenny

Grandpa,We love you!
Added by Draven & Cedric

Jim was, in a way, a middle child, with all the trauma that entails and whose sister died on his first birthday. He was a sweet, good natured little boy and a kind man who always wanted to be there for everyone. He once told me all he wanted in his life was to have a nice family and give them everything they wanted. He was a loyal and hard worker and a hero for his country. I love you Jim and I always will.
Added by Shirley

Jim Was an adorable little boy who once had a chicken for a pet. I was always so proud of him. Ma would put that big curl on top of his head and dress he and Larry in their blue or green bibbed pants and I would take each by a hand and walk over to Stapleford's or wherever, almost bursting my buttons I was so proud of how cute they were.
Added by Shirley

But Jim was a dickens too. As kids, our treat on Sunday afternoon was to go to the show. Jim always wanted me to take him along. But he would trick me! He would have to go to the bathroom. I would stand outside the door but somehow he would sneak out run home. Ma and Pa would be furious. The next Sunday he would sit behind me promising he wouldn't sneak out. Try as I might to keep and eye on him, eventually I would glance back and he would be gone and the run would be on again.
Added by Shirley

I'll never forget when Ma was in the hospital before after the stroke. Jim was mad at her for something and wasn't there. I was so stressed out from the trauma of Ma's condition. I was sitting, crying, in an ajoining room, glanced up, and there was Jim. He put his arms around me and we just stood there together. He was there for me and for Ma through the rest of it all, including sitting by her bed with Pat and I when she died. I love you "cricket."
Added by Shirley

I will always have great memories of Jim.
On visits to Grandmas we always looked up to Jim, literally and figuratively. I remember Jim picking us up and tosssing up into the air. He never dropped us once :)
I remember Jim's huge smile and warm, smooth laugh.
On one visit to Jim's house he introduced us all to Jelly Belly jelly beans. I will miss him, but the memories are very clear.
My prayers and thoughts go out to all who will miss him.

Added by Todd Doemel
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