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Born:June 20, 1993
Goldsboro, North Carolina and Waco, Texas
Died:October 4, 2003
Mount Olive, North Carolina

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Whiskers was born in june of 1993. He was a great cat and loved his "mousing" duties. He was very playful and loved to eat canned cat food. He passed away last october and my heart was broken. I thought I could not feel any worse. While on vacation, I just learned that two of my dogs have passed since I have been away. Rocky and Daphene were both rescued animals from the humane society. Rocky was our "Guard dog". whenever people would come into our yard, Rocky would have a fit and scare most of them away. little did these people know, his bark was worse than his bite. He was a great pet and will be greatly missed. Daphene was a deaf dalmation. I think that is what made her such an adorable dog. She lived to pounce around the house and play with the other puppies. She was also a great guard dog. even though she couldn't hear, her other senses were constanly going a mile a minute. These three pets were my pals and i miss them dearly. I cannot wait for the day when I go to rainbow bridge and my friends are finally returned to me!!!

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