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Born:April 27, 1938
Died:January 14, 2004
Zephyrhills , Florida

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Gary was a wonderful person. He raised 8 children. He had 19 grandchildren. Each one special in their own way. He was a hard working man. Worked hard all his life. No one should ever forget him. He believed in God. He helped others all his life. I love him and I miss him. I have written a poem for him.
Missing You
I miss you more each day.
As the tears fall softly on the pillow where I lay.
My heart is full of sorrow.
Wondering what will be tomorrow.
If I make it through this lonely night.
Maybe in my dreams you will hold me tight.
As I lay here thinking of you, I can hear my heart sigh.
Oh my darling this mountain I'm climbing is just to high.
I,m so alone my darling without you by my side.
I need you oh so much to come and be my guide.
I love you my precious husband and I always will.
When it,s my time, will I see you atop God,s highest hill?
Or will you come to earth and take me by the hand.
And oh so gently lead me to our Saviour,s promised land.
I pray my love that you know,How much you are missed.
I Love You so-------- Your devoted wife Patricia Bryant
Written this 14th day of November 2004

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