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Born:June 28, 1987
York UK
Died:August 7, 2003
Middleton St George Darlington UK

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I remember seeing you on the first day of your birth, all black except for a few white tips on your paws. I new that you would become my faithful companion. At the time I did not think that you would also become my friend. We have been through thick and thin. You were there when my children were growing up, coming fishing with the family, our long walks. Oh you you were an active puppy chewing telephone wires, damaging my house plants. Such an innocent look on your face but we knew even before seeing what you had done by those eyes. They always let you down. You loved your food so much that if we were not careful our little Tess would steal tasty treats that she thought would go down a treat. My son had put down a £10 note on the coffee table while entertaining his friends. This £10 was my sons pay from his out of school job. Guess what! down to the stomach it went. My son Craig waited for the end result if you know what I mean. But all to no avail not even any change did my son get. However what we did get was years of fun, laughter at your antics. We were a family.

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Tess we miss you. you always protected our family from intruders and you loved all the cats in the family,Dear departed Sherry, . Fluff, Scallywag, Toby who always slept at your side even to the end; William the siamese, Whitepaws, and our new addition Milly.
Added by Rosalind Geoff Craig
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