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Born:August 31, 1986
Died:December 2, 2004

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Stephen meant something different to each of us. Whether he was your son, brother or friend he touched your life in a special way and will never be forgotten. We all look forward to seeing him again in heaven one day. May God Bless Stephen Michael Nicholson and keep him in His care. Stephen has seen something that we all long to see one day...the beautiful face of Jesus! 

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Please help his family by sharing your special memories of Stephen. Thank you and God Bless you.

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Letter from Stephen's sister
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Personal Notes

Stephen Nicholson, 18, of Marietta died Dec. 2, 2004. He was preceded in death by his Grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Nicholson, Sr.
Survivors include his father, Fred Nicholson, Sr. of Cumming; mother, Sallie Sompayrac; brothers, Fredrick Nicholson Jr., Christopher Nicholson, Sean Nicholson, Oliver Webb, Christopher Mosier; sister, Angela Nicholson; Grandmother, Nannie Sue Etruvia Nicholson; aunts, Marie Biffle, Katherine Knight; nieces, nephews and cousins also survive.

Added by Fred Nicholson

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