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Born:August 8, 1990
Washington, Missouri
Died:July 25, 2002
Gerald, Missouri

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Late one evening our dog Dixie woke us up, she was ready to deliver her babies. It was August 1, 1990. She had 5 babies and I picked one up and held her next to my heart and whispered to her "you're my baby, my Little Bit". Yes, she was my girl and what a girl she was. She always got into mischief and was a real comedian. We came home numerous times and found she had locked herself in the bathroom or spare bedroom. One particular day we came home and there was Scamp with a empty plastic gallon jar stuck on her head. It "did" have her and Dixie's treats in it but she ate them all. We had to cut the jar off as it was stuck tight. Thank goodness it was plastic. When Scamp was 6 we moved to the country and adopted a cat that we named Pogee. Scamp decided she wanted to be his mom and she would let him nurse and she would carry him around just like a mama cat would. We also could have a garden and we found out Scamp loved cucumbers. If she wanted one she would go pick her own. She always ate what she picked so we let her do it. Then right before her 12th birthday she got an infection on her spine and she also had an enlarged heart. We took her to the vet and got medicine for her. She would always stop what she was doing when I told her "medicine time", and she would be anxious for me to give it to her. Then late one evening, June 25, 2002, she wasn't feeling too well. We made her a bed on the floor as she didn't want to be in bed. I covered her up (we had the air conditioner on), kissed her and told her I loved her. After about 5 minutes she looked too warm so I readjusted her covers, kissed her again and told her I loved her again. I laid down and was watching her, she raised her head and looked at me and laid her head down. She closed her eyes and I noticed the blanket quit moving then. I got up but, as quietly as she came in this world, she left it. She died 1 week short of her 12th birthday. We buried her in front of an old wagon wheel. This year a clematis came back that had "died" 5 years ago. It gave us one flower and that flower was nestled on her cross. Instead of growing towards the cross, it draped over the cross, it's my final gift from Scamp.

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