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Born:February 10, 2004
Died:May 11, 2004

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Jasmyn Nicole was and is still our angel she was brought to us for only a short while but she blessed everyone she met.

Its hard to know just what to say,
when one so young is taken away,
far to soon she had to part,
her memory forever engraved in our heart.
we only knew her for a short while
but the life she led made us smile
she was so beautiful and oh so rare
life as they say just isnt fair
for little jasmyn we now must live
those gone before her will watch her with care
till the day comes and well all join her there
know jasmyn is watching from heaven above
and with each ray of sunshine shes sending her love.

I love you with all our heart..

We love you very much and think about you every single day..
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baylee 9yrs cheyenne 15months and jasmyn 10days
Added by Anonymous
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Personal Notes

Jasmyn nicole you were a angel send we love you with all our heart I Love you so much baby I know your sitting in Gods rocking chair with him we miss and will never forget you
Added by mommy

You were a blessing to us all when you were here . Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Your mommy and daddy miss you very much. Nani, mimi, and both papa's miss you too.Cheyenne and Baylee also miss you We loved you when you were here and we still love you. I Miss your twinkling eyes and your pretty smile. Love you baby Jasmyn
Added by Nani

I was there when you were born, and when you died. I love you with all my heart, and I cannot wait to see you again. You, mommy,daddy, and Mimi and Papa mean the world to me, as well as your sisters. Baby,I think of you all the time, and I love you so much. I will never forget you and your beautiful life, short though it was. Love Always,Auntie Leah, forever.

Added by Leah Braley

we don't know why, God brought you home,
when we wanted to share our lives with you
but we must trust, HE has His plans,
and we must have faith, in them.
We will always love your memory,
and be eager, to see you once again
someday soon!!

Added by Don Alam Sr.

we love you and miss you very much your smile was amazing and every new thing you did brought smiles jasmyn nicole we love you and we miss you
Added by Anonymous

To my angel baby~ I love you more everyday. I thank God for the little time we spent with you. Being able to hold you and watch you sleep was like a little piece of Heaven, so perfect! I loved giving you LOTS of little kisses cause it made you smile. I miss that smile! I miss you, but I will NEVER forget you! You're the angel I feel sitting on my shoulder. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Added by You're favorite Aunt Rachael

Our little Jasmyn. As I think of you today, I remember all the times you and your mama and your daddy and sisters had with you. I know how much they all miss you.You were your daddy's pride and joy. He loved and cared for you so much. I know he would put something here if he could, and he may be able to do that soon. He has not forgotten you my little angel. We await the time when we can see you again. Still in our hearts and our lives. Kisses and hugs for you .
Added by Nani

Baby girl, your birthday is coming up. I wish I could see you now, toddling around and starting to talk. I can't now, but I will someday soon. I love you, and I know you are better off where you are. Even if I could bring you back, I wouldn't want to take you from the place you are.I love you and I will always miss you.

Added by Aunt Leah
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