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Born:February 6, 1910
Died:December 21, 2004
Home in Chigwell Row

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Our nan was a wonderful lady. Kindness and love flowed from her . She survived two world wars . Our nan had two children four grandchildren and two great granchildren. She was the cook at the local school for years always happy and smiling, she had a natural ability to make the best out of anything and everything that life threw at her. We will all miss her. We will miss her home made sausage rolls and her lovely nanny stews. So many people said it was a privilage to know our nan. I agree with them, she brought my brother and I up when our parents split up. We were always well fed and loved by her. she was remarkable and I love her

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You were THE NAN of all nan's. We all love you and miss you. Thank you for being my nan, for looking after me and caring for me when I was ill or fell over , I miss you nan. You were beautiful , kind, fair, honest and very loving I wish you were still here for one last hug and one last wave and one more nanny kiss with a little dribble ! I LOVE YOU NANNY BROWN.
Added by Your grandaughter Victoria
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