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Born:June 4, 2003
Gainesville, Florida
Died:June 4, 2003
Gainesville, Florida

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My Little Angel was taken before we could say hello or goodbye. She was a suprise baby that was not planned and when we first found out I was pregnant with her we went to the doctor and heard no heart beat. We was worried until the next week we went back and heard it loud and clear. I was so excited about having another little one to hold. I had a hard time with her through the whole pregnancy. I went into labor a couple of time and got sent home after they stopped my contractions. Then on the morning of June 1,2003 my water had broke while I was in bed. We went to the hospital and the doctors found an infection. So they admitted me in and tried to take some fluid to see if her lungs was developed but they sent it in the wrong tube 3 times. They finally gave up and wanted to wait until the next week and then induce me to go into labor. I was already in labor but they stopped it using medicine through an I.V. She didn't move for 3 days and an that 3 day that night I started running a fever. I had a fever of 104. The doctors could never make up there mind if they wanted me to have a c-section or deliver her naturally. She died inside of me 5 time before they decided to finally take me back for a c-section. They gave me too much medicine and almost killed me in the operating room. I never got to watch her be born and never got to say goodbye. I was put to sleep because of my heart rate and I also felt them cutting on me. Every day I wish I was awake during that time so I could of just held her and told goodbye. I also wanted to tell her that I Loved her and not to be afraid that her granny would be there to take her home. My Angel only lived 30 minutes. They gave me enough medcine to sleep all day and all night but I knew in my mind that she was born and wanted to see her. So woke up just 15 minutes after she died and asked for her but the nurse never answered me and then the doctor walked in and sat down by my side then he said he was sorry but there was nothing else to do. He said they tried everything but she was so weak that she couldn't hold on no more. I wanted to hold her and see what she looked like. She was so tiny and beautiful. She weighed 3lbs 15oz and was 16in long. She had long black hair and dark blue eyes. She was still warm and pink. The nurse dressed her in some little clothes for preemies and put her a diaper on. We held her for 7 wounderful days. On that 7th day I had to let her go and that was the hardest thing I had to do to set her in that incubater and let them wheel her away. I wanted a them to find out why she died and signed papers for an autopsy. When the results came back she had died from Sepsis. A bad infection that had caused her to hemorage in the lungs, kidneys and heart. I was so mad to know that the infection I had when I was admitted in the hospital had turned into Sepsis and the doctors knew they was taken a chance with my daughters life. She never had a life to start with and now she is in Heaven playing with the Angels just like her who's other families had lost. I Love and Miss her very much and will never forget the little face I looked at that had no life or even cried. She is Loved and Missed by her Momma, Sister, Papa, Nana and Uncle and Family.
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Personal Notes

Hello Angel just wanted to tell you that I Love You and Miss You so. We have 8 more days till Emily gets here. I wish you were here to see her after she is born. Fly as high as the birds baby.
Added by Momma
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