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A Note from the CEO

PartingWishes Inc. is a company formed out of a need.  Back in the summer of 2000, Henry and I were chatting during dinner shortly after a new addition to his family, and the subject came up regarding the provisions for his family set out in his Will.  He then shamefully admitted that, although he owned a home, was happily married with children, and had a reasonable nest egg, he had no Will.  I was shocked, and then confessed that I was in the same position, and the discussion led us to trying to figure out why neither of us (nor, we subsequently discovered, any of our friends or colleagues) have a current Will.

Tim Hewson

The conclusion was not necessarily an issue of expense, but more to do with time and convenience and the perceived barriers to visiting a solicitor.  We also felt that the overhead in trying to keep a Will current was prohibitive, and even then, a Will would never give the flexibility that we really needed.  I owned a painting that I wanted to leave to a friend, and a colleague of mine had always envied my home theatre.  But what if I bought something new?  What if my circumstances changed?  Or if I had a falling out with one of my friends or relatives.  These were the kinds of provisions that I wanted to account for in my Will.

Shortly after this meeting we had the unfortunate experience of attending a funeral, and naturally we all gathered informally after the ceremony.  This time the conversation centered around how each of us would want "to go".  It was remarkable how all of us, with similar backgrounds, wanted different styles of funeral service.  But once again, none of us had thought of formally expressing these wishes, and had certainly not entertained the idea of pre-planning our funeral.

It was clear that we were not alone, so the idea of PartingWishes Inc. was born.  We set out to de-mystify the legal processes and to add convenience to the Funeral service industry.  We are an independent organization, not tied to a Funeral Home or to a Law firm.  We hope that this web site will give you some ideas, trigger some thoughts, and provide a valuable service to you, your family and your friends.

I would love to hear from you, and to receive any feedback on your experiences with using the services we provide.  You can also forward requests for additional services that you feel might be useful to you.

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Tim Hewson
Chief Executive Officer
PartingWishes Inc.